Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Olbermann on GOP fear-mongering commercial

Last week the Republican National Committee released their pre-election scary scary terra boo commercial, "The Stakes". The commercial was meant to be so pants-pissingly terrifying that voters would be react by electing republicans in the upcoming midterms (only 2 weeks to go!). Unfortunately for the GOP, most people reacted the same way I did, which was to laugh out loud and wonder if the commercial was a joke perpetrated by democrats who hacked the GOP website. But it was no joke. The republicans are still on their fear-mongering trip, because as Bruce at Canuck Attitude points out, it's all they've got.

Keith Olbermann addresses the fear-mongering issue, as usual telling it like it is. (Runtime about 10 minutes.)

Postscript: I notice the commercial is no longer up on the RNC website. Somewhere an ad agency is looking for a new client to replace the GOP.

H/T to Canadian Cynic.