Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Government-sanctioned bigotry

This is special. The Tories indicated during the election that they'd raise a motion to revisit the same-sex marriage debate sometime this year in an attempt to repeal the SSM law. It was pretty much assumed to be an arbitrary nod to their religious right base, and not expected to go anywhere. However, they've now revealed that should the motion fail as it's expected to, they're also proposing legislation including a "Defense of Religion" act that would allow JPs opposing SSM to refuse to perform the ceremonies. That's not good, but it doesn't concern me as much as the rest of the proposed bill. The legislation would also "protect the free speech rights of religious leaders and others who criticize homosexual behaviour or refuse to do business with gay-rights organizations".

Am I reading this right? Tell me I'm not. Because to me, it says that this DoR act would allow people -- not just religious leaders, but "others" as well -- to engage in hate speech against GLBTs and bigotry against gay rights organizations, with impunity.

But it's early in the day... maybe my reading comprehension isn't 100%.

(via Canadian Cynic)