Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bush shocked and awed to learn about Foley

George W said he was "dismayed and shocked" by the sexually suggestive emails and instant messages being sent to underage pages by former Republican Rep. Mark Foley, which he characterized as "unacceptable behaviour". ("Unacceptable behaviour"? Sorry Georgie, farting at the dinner table is "unacceptable behaviour". What Foley was doing is a little more serious than that.)

George also said that in spite of increasing pressure on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to step down, he supports Hastert. ("Heckofajob, Denny!") And why shouldn't he? After all, Hastert kept the story covered up for anywhere from 1 to 4 years, so he deserves some credit. Foley was such a fuckin' horndog, he was firing off the emails and IMs at every opportunity, right left and center, even stepping out in the middle of a Congressional vote to send a reminder to one of his boy toys to "measure it". And still Hastert managed to keep all asses covered: that's hard! It's hard work!

Of course, the story has evolved a bit since it first broke (strange coming from people who don't believe in evolution but ohwell), and now Hastert says he wasn't told about Foley's follies at all, never knew a thing. It looks like one of Hastert's assistants is taking one for the team, claiming he never informed his boss of a problem that could potentially cause the entire republican party to implode. Yeah, sure, makes sense to me! The re-writing of history has begun, with Fox News leading the charge: in a story about Foley today, they labelled him as a democrat. Accident? I think not!

The truth is they all knew. Everybody, right up to and including Boy-King Georgie. The FBI knew over a year ago, but decided or more likely was discouraged from launching an investigation. Some of the Florida media knew a year ago when they got copies of some of Foley's online purple prose, but decided not to go public with it. Everybody knew. Georgie knew. And now the story is less about that hypocritical sack of shit Foley than it is about the rest of those lying republican maggots. And I'm loving every minute of watching them dance and squirm like worms on hot blacktop. Yes!!