Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RUSH says -- "We wuz set up!"

The last couple of mornings I've been tuning into Rush Limbaugh (I can't help myself -- think of it as a cardio workout, really gets the blood pressure up). I was curious to hear how he'd justify the Mark Foley scandal, and how he'd find a way to blame it on the democrats and the "Drive-By Media". When it comes to wingnuttery, good old Rush never disappoints!

Yesterday, Rush posited that the whole thing was a set-up. His theory is that both republicans and democrats knew about Foley, but since he received a reprimand for his behaviour (4 years ago), it was considered a dead issue. However, those dastardly democrats knew it was something they could use for political gain, because "that's what they do" -- exploit situations for political gain. They continued watching Foley, gathered more intelligence on him, and when the time was right, they contacted their buddies in the drive-by media. (Ironically, ABC, who ran that propaganda piece "the Path to 9/11").

Today, Rush was right off his rocker with outrage at this democratically-engineered broadside on innocent republicans. He hypothesized further that it's even possible the democrats set the kids up to lure Foley into incriminating email exhanges. He warned ominously that there would be more of these surprise scandals as the elections draw near. Because that's just what they do -- collect information and release it at a politically-expendient time. Those bastards.

The irony of those words didn't seem to penetrate that little acorn rattling around in Rush's cranium. The release of information at politically-expedient times is something the Republicans have turned into an art form. Al qaeda videos, news of dead al qaeda guys, supposed terrorist arrests -- this is old hat for the republicans. I also found it amusing that all of Rush's outrage was directed the people he thinks are responsible for the information's release -- not the guy at the center of the scandal, not the guys who knew and covered it up, not the guys who allowed Foley to continue in his position. To Rush, the real outrage isn't the situation itself, but the fact that it was made public at a time when it could really hurt the republicans. Now I wonder what his reaction would be if Foley had been a democrat, and what the bush administration would have done with information like this?