Saturday, October 21, 2006

US making cut and run timetable

The bush administration is reported to be drafting a timetable of goals for the Iraqi government which would ultimately facilitate the exit of US troops from Iraq. The Iraqis will be given specific goals to achieve over a definite timeframe, including taking on responsibility for security and addressing sectarian issues in the country.

That's strange. Didn't Georgie say just recently that the US would "stay the course" in Iraq? Didn't he also say, not long ago, that the US wouldn't leave Iraq until "the job was done"? Didn't he call democrats who advocate making a timetable for exit "the party of cut and run"?

Then again, Georgie never said exactly what "the job" was, or what direction "the course" might take. If "the job" was to kill 650,000 people, fuck up the country so badly that it'll take generations to rebuild, and turn the whole place into one big terrorist training camp, "the job" is definitely done. Mission fucking accomplished, Georgie. You da man.