Monday, October 30, 2006

US Midterms: one week to go

In 7 days the attack ads come to a grinding halt and American voters will hit the polls. Normally midterm elections are kind of a snooze, but this one's different. If the democrats can get control of the house and senate, they can start launching investigations into the Bush administration, hopefully culminating with the impeachment of all of their imbecile lying asses.

It's been a weird campaign to say the least -- so tainted has the "republican" brand become, most of the republicans running have been avoiding it like the plague. Some of the ads I've heard say "republican" at the very end, but it's said so quickly it sounds like "ruggin", and is nowhere else to be found in the commercials. On Meet The Press yesterday, republican senate contender Michael Steele was asked if he was a "proud Bush republican" to which he responded that he was a "proud republican". Urk. His website has no reference to the republicans. Steele's campaign even produced bumper stickers that say "STEELE - DEMOCRAT". Huh? Voters obviously need to be paying attention this election cycle.

And what say the Rasmussen Reports?

Georgie's approval rating is nice and low. 40% overall approve of the job he's doing, 58% disapprove. The breakdown of strongly and somewhat approve/disapprove is interesting. The 40% who can amazingly still find something about Bush to approve of is split 50/50 between "strongly" and "somewhat" approving. But of the 58% who disapprove of Bush, almost 75% strongly disapprove. So those that hate him really hate him. No surprise there!

Next to Georgie himself, Iraq is the biggest albatross for the republicans. They're trying to redirect the discourse, but it's not happening. Nobody wants to talk about Social Security when over 100 US troops have been killed in Iraq this month. But gay marriage and stem-cell research are contentious issues in some of the swing states. Tennessee and Virginia have same-sex marriage amendments on the ballot, which may bring out the more ignorant segment of Bush's base. (Didn't these cretins get the news that around the white house they're known as "the nuts"?) However, a lot of moderate republicans are saying they won't vote, or they'll vote democrat, and this might help determine the outcome.

October's almost over, but it's never too late for a November Surprise. Bin Laden captured? Expect at least a new tape from him. An announcement of a pullout from Iraq? A military coup to oust Maliki from power? One thing's for certain: gas up this week, the prices will soar on November 8th.