Friday, November 10, 2006

Achtung! Rummy, you schweinhund!

Gott in Himmel! If Donald Rumsfeld is considering a little travel now that he's unemployed, wherever he goes he better avoid Deutscheland. A human rights group in Germany is suing Rummy and some other officials involved in mismanaging the war in Iraq for war crimes, on behalf of some Iraqi citizens who were tortured in Abu Ghraib prison. All I can say is: What took so long!?

The complaint, filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, names Rumsfeld, former CIA director George Tenet, a couple more Dept of Defense officials, General Janice Karpinski and some other officers who served in Iraq. A spokesman said even though a few soldiers were prosecuted for the abuse at Abu Ghraib, the US government never launched a serious investigation into the situation. In order to see justice served, the Center had no choice but to file the charges.

No kidding. The idiots who took the fall for the abuse at Abu Ghraib were only prosecuted because they were stupid enough to show their faces on photos that caught them in the act. They were only the tip of the iceberg of the outrages committed in Iraq. Certainly the problems that allowed such abuse to happen were systemic and reached all the way up the chain of command to the top dog, Rummy. Who gives the orders for these yahoos to abuse prisoners? Who's overseeing them? Since they appear to be trailer park rejects who aren't capable of coming up with an original thought, they must have gotten their ideas from somewhere. It's about time the people in charge, the ones who started this clusterfuck in the first place and then mismanaged the shit out of it, were held accountable for at least a little of the agony they've caused.

Rummy, get ready for your waterboarding.