Friday, November 10, 2006

Let the great post-election purge begin

1. Rummy's done! Old news but it feels good to type it so I thought I'd throw it in here anyway. Georgie announced at his bizarre little press conference Wednesday that defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld is getting the bum's rush from the pentagon. It's a departure that will be celebrated by many: Rummy's resignation has been demanded for years by almost everyone in the world including most of the US military and the entire country of Iraq, To commemorate this historic day, Saskboy at Abandoned Stuff suggests it should become a new American holiday known as "Rummydone".

2. Mehlman's toast! Out of power Tuesday, outed on Wednesday, out of a job on Thursday! Last night an RNC spokesman announced that Ken Mehlman is stepping down as party chairman. The RNC said Mehlman made the decision to take a hike before the election... oh, sure, and Georgie had already decided to fire Rumsfeld last week. Mehlman's departure was more likely prompted by the Voice of America saying "We hate your party, Ken!" on Tuesday.

3. Chaffee's bailing! Lincoln Chaffee, the former Rhode Island senator who lost to his Democratic challenger on Tuesday, announced he's leaving the republicans.... to join the Democrats? Maybe? Just guessing. Chaffee, the only Republican to vote against the chickenshit Iraq War, is a moderate who'd probably be way more at home on the mentally stable side of the house.

More? More? Stay tuned...