Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And some other good election news

In South Dakota, another conservative assault on women's rights was kicked to the fucking curb yesterday as The People voted to reject a proposed law that would ban all abortions for any reason other than the most life-threatening circumstances. The regressive proposal was seen by anti-choicers as their best chance to challenge Roe v. Wade and ultimately get abortion banned nationwide. I'm extra delighted to see this lunacy rejected because it's a proposal that anti-choicers on this side of the border assumed was in the bag, and were trumpeting as a template for the anti-choice legislation they want in Canada. Guess what, fundies: if it ain't happening in a place like South Dakota, it sure as fuck ain't happening in Canada.

In Arizona, a proposed amendment to ban same-sex marriage was likewise given the heave-ho onto the garbage heap of idiotic legislative proposals. The issue has a long way to go, but I consider every step in a progressive direction a victory.

Again I say, well done, America. Well done.