Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Georgie speaks

I've watched a lot of dubya pressers, but I've never seen one as ramblingly incoherent and whiningly defensive as the one I just watched. It was like looking at the still-twitching corpse of a deer that just got wiped out by a Freightliner.

Rummy's gone, no big surprise there. A democratic congress would be impossible for him to work with. Not just because they'd demand so much oversight for every dollar of his budget (billions of which has disappeared into some black hole of Halliburton), but because they'll without a doubt be launching investigations which will probably show him as criminally derelict in his duty as defense secretary. Rummy's running for cover.

But Georgie! I've never seen him looking so shaky. He started his speech by saying that he wants to work with the democrats, but went on to give a goofy little soliloquy that spoke to the terrorists: "Don't be joyful", to the Iraqis: "Don't be fearful", and to the troops: "Don't be uncertain". Sounds like true bipartisanship to me: Democrats - the party of terrorists. Troops uncertain? They're probably high-fiving each other with glee now that there's a real possibility of them getting out of that shithole alive.

Georgie described the election results as a "thumpin" --"thumpin"? Ha! It was an asskicking and chainwhipping worthy of the Black Diamond Riders -- but then tried to minimize it by pointing out how close some of the races were. Close only counts in Horseshoes, Georgie. I laughed out loud when he blamed Hillary Clinton's landslide win on the fact that so many people had voted -- yes, it sure sucks when the people exercise their constitutional rights. As always, he couldn't resist poking the Terror stick at the primordial jellyfish most republicans call a brain: "These extremists want to topple governments to spread their ideology!" The irony is staggering.

The press could have done a better job of putting the boots in, but it really wasn't necessary. Bush was so incoherent that he kept contradicting himself, pulling himself out of the mire, and sinking again. Kind of a microcosm of his war in Iraq.

Expect more resignations in short order, starting with Cheney. I'd put money on it.

UPDATE: One of the reporters asked Georgie why he told them last week that Rumsfeld would be staying, only to announce his departure today. Bush replied that he had to say that to change the line of questioning, and I thought: Did he just admit he lied? Watch Georgie admit he lied at Think Progress.