Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Basking by proxy

What Canadian progressive isn't enjoying the spillover afterglow of yesterday's democratic victory south of the border? It's been so long coming, and so many obstructions have been put up to keep it from happening, but it's finally arrived. The party that's done all they can to muzzle the American people while they make the world a more treacherously dangerous place than ever has been given the asskicking it so richly deserves... by the people who entrusted their future to it in the first place. The American people, gagged, bound and tortured for 6 years, have spoken... no, screamed.

This morning, the Democrats have 227 seats in the House, a majority by a healthy margin. (Did I call it or did I call it?) The democrats have the majority of governorships, adding 6 more (I predicted 7, but 2 are still undecided). The Senate hangs on 2 undecided races, Montana and Virginia. I'm delighted to see that Claire McCaskill won Missouri, the race I thought was most likely to fall to the republicans. I'm surprised Montana is still hanging -- democrat Tester was ahead more in Montana than McCaskill was in Missouri last night. I'm equally surprised to see Macacawitz still hanging on for dear life in Virginia.

And now, Georgie speaks.