Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Turner's presser was no big dealio.

He said that conservative leadership had informed him he was suspended from the party indefinitely, would not be allowed to run again as a conservative, and no reason would be given for the decision. (Well, they can't tell the truth -- "because Charles McVety wanted you out".) Turner said he'd be staying on as an indie MP, in which role he promised to continue standing up to intolerance and bigotry and voting against it. (Now that's more like it! A clear reference to piece of shit McVety-inspired legislation like the "Defense of Religion Act", but unfortunately no revelations about the scumsucking McVety himself. Damn!) He alluded to the "unelected backroom boys" who have too much political influence -- safe to say that was about that maggot McVety. He also said he was looking into legal options for making the parties work "more democratically", independent of said backroom boys -- hmm. Will he sue McVety? Get a restraining order on the asshole to keep him away from Ottawa? Hmm, that could get good. All in all, though, anti-climactic.

And here I was anticipating the revelation that McVety's number had been found in Mike Jones' blackberry. Fuck.