Monday, November 13, 2006

Turner to drop a bombshell?

About a month ago, conservative MP Garth Turner (the one and only conservative MP I actually respect) was unceremoniously dumped from the party. There was a lot of speculation about why -- pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Turner always seemed too moderate to fit in with the Stephen Harper brand of wingnut conservatives. Supposedly the problem was with Turner's blog, which the powers-that-be thought was too informative (never let the voters know what's really going on!). But Turner's ouster was about more than that -- he'd been having problems with religious right wingnut Charles McVety, who promised to stop at nothing to have him removed from office. McVety obviously has more drag with Harper than his own MPs do, because after a few skirmishes with him, Turner was ousted.

Other than the conservatives losing the only MP with his head screwed on right, the most disturbing aspect of the Turner situation is the reach and influence of that scumbag McVety on Parliament Hill. McVety is a dangerous and hateful whackjob (I have more colourful descriptors for him but I'll restrain myself) -- that he's allowed anywhere near the corridors of Canadian power, let alone to have any influence there, is extremely alarming.

Now Turner says on his blog that tomorrow he'll be making an announcement about his future, as well as revealing what he says are "some disturbing insights on how the 'new' government is actually working". Something's made Turner mad, mad enough to lock and load. I wonder if these "disturbing insights" have anything to do with McVety? We'll find out tomorrow...