Monday, November 13, 2006

Elton says: Imagine no religion

Elton John has probably enraged thousands of religious right wingnuts with his statement yesterday that he would like to see religion completely banned because it turns people into "hateful lemmings" and promotes bigotry against gays.

"I think religion has always tried to turn hatred toward gay people," John said in the Observer newspaper's Music Monthly Magazine. "Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays."

The wingnutters at "Lifesite" jumped on the story, using it as an opportunity to point out their stunningly ignorant treatise on why Christians are against gay marriage:

"Simply put, because homosexual sex - the underlying basis for such unions - causes harm to those engaged in such activities. Doctors have indicated the physical harm it causes and psychologists have pointed out the emotional and psychological harm that ensues. But over and above these very serious considerations is the spiritual harm that results from this sexual behaviour."

Get that, gay folks? It's for your own good. As usual these nitwits are a few generations behind the rest of the world, so they haven't heard the news that STDs don't ask for ID, and anyone who doesn't play safe is at risk. That they'd point to "psychological and emotional damage" is laughable: where do they think that damage might originate? Maybe being subjected to the kind of bigotry the religious right spews might have some negative psychological effects? Ya think? Or maybe the inability to get societal validation of relationships might make some feel like second class citizens at best, and defective human beings at worst? This is, after all, what the religious right preaches.

When religion becomes the shining beacon of love that brings the world together, as it was probably intended to be, I might have second thoughts. But the way it's been practiced so far, I agree wholeheartedly with Elton John. Imagine a world without religion...

(H/T kalamalka rainbow)