Thursday, January 25, 2007

It was only a matter of time

PM Steve's been doing a pretty bang-up job at keeping the muzzles on the more radical elements of his caucus. Other than fuckwit extraordinaire Stockwell Day and "Stockiebloggate", most of the reformcon MPs have been pretty quiet. Which is really saying something for a party that includes bugfuck crazy nutjobs like Vic Toews, Jason Kenney and Cheryl "abortion is like Nick Berg's beheading" Gallant. It's been a waiting game to see which one of these idiots will be the first to open their drooling trap and let some ill-conceived words fall out.

It was a good run for Steve, but it looks like it's over. The Liberals are calling for the resignation of Conservative head of the Native Affairs committee Colin Mayes (MP Okanagan-Shuswap) after it was revealed that he'd received a racist joke by e-mail. Mayes claims he's being set up by a guy who was recently fired from the board of the local conservative association for suggesting that the association was being overtaken by religious right nutters such as Mayes. (Well, DUH.) Mayes further claims that his response to the joke, "Good joke", might have been meant in a sarcastic vein. So "Good joke" really meant "I'm offended that you'd send me such garbage denigrating our aboriginal brothers and sisters". Shmuck.

Mayes has thus far refused to step down. Which is fine in a way, because it might embolden his fellow conservative dullards to speak more freely. Anything that lets them show their true colours is worth the aggravation of having to hear their eye-rolling cretinisms.