Thursday, February 15, 2007

Georgie speaks

What a rousing speech Georgie gave this morning ...zzzzzzzz. Georgie's reached the point where although his body might be giving a speech, his brain is clearing brush, and even he knows it: he cautioned his audience to stay awake through the entire speech.

The topic du jour was Afghanistan, but no Georgie speech would be complete without a few words about his crowning achievement, Iraq, and the stern admonishment that leaving Iraq "before the job is done" would mean certain death for you and your family, because "the enemy will follow us home". After that wag of the finger he talked about Afghanistan's #1 crop and how he made it so very clear to Pres. Karzai that it was unnacceptable. (No details on how Karzai plans to eliminate more than 1/2 the country's economy and stay alive.) But, said George, girls can go to school (if they can find one that's not a bombed-out pile of rubble), women are no longer whipped (in public), and the Soccer Field Of Death is no more (except as a fearful image to be invoked at every opportunity). Georgie marvelled about how it must be so "neat" to be part of an emerging democracy. "Neat".

Ostensibly, the purpose of the speech was to announce more US troops for Afghanistan (about fucking time) and dump on the NATO countries that refuse to let their soldiers deploy to the most violent areas. Bush rattled off a list of countries fighting, as usual neglecting to mention Canada. We've lost upwards of 40 soldiers there... although it doesn't compare with Georgie's magnificent accomplishment of 3,000+, shouldn't it be worth a mention? Of course our PM will chastise the dumb fuck immediately for this insult (if by "immediately" you mean "never").

No matter, the speech wasn't really about Afghanistan anyway. It was, like everything this administration does, part of the ongoing effort to legitimize the war in Iraq by association with a war that, at one point, made sense.