Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's that smell

So Fox news is launching their big right-wing version of the "Daily Show" called "The 1/2 Hour News Hour" (hmm, sounds suspiciously similar to "This Hour Has 20 Minutes"... why, those copycat bastards). Lack of originality isn't surprising, since it's a takeoff on another show's concept. But something else is conspicuously absent, a key element of any comedy show: humour. This clip stinks so badly it made my eyes water:

Now that was wet dog, sweaty sock stinky. Sadly, one would have to assume that this is a prime example of the best the show has to offer: Limbaugh and Coulter as Preznit and Vice Preznit. Har. There's Rushbo, squealing away like he does every morning, and there's a frighteningly emaciated Coulter, looking like she's been hanging upside-down in a dark cave somewhere, both of them whining about liberals. This is funny how? How is this funny? Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm a little fucked up, but how is that funny? Funny how?

So it's 2 thumbs decidedly down, and probably 2 episodes until conservatives return to their rightful place in the Amusement Universe -- as the objects, not the creators, of humour. That's where they really shine.