Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update: Woohoo!
Outrage: 9-year-old Canadian boy in US prison

No, that's not a typo -- 9 (nine) years old. This boy, a Canadian citizen, had the hard luck to be flying near US airspace with his Iranian parents. All 3 were put in a detention center (prison) until... what? This is unclear.

Peter Mackay just met with Condi Rice a few days ago... one would think that a Canadian kid stuck in a US prison would have topped his agenda of things to discuss with her. Mackay needs to be deluged by letters and phone calls demanding he correct this outrage. Mackay's Conservatives say they "stand up for Canada", and they can't even stand up for a little 9-year-old Canadian boy??

Verbena-19 and liberal catnip have details, interviews and a contact guide. (Letters work better than email.) Let's get this kid and his family out of this Orwellian nightmare and back to Canada.

UPDATE: Verbena-19 has letters this little guy's written to Harper, pleading for his help. I've moved this post to the top of the page until that kid and his family are home. Hopefully I won't have to update this again.

UPDATE (March 12/06): Kevin and his family have been granted visas to enter Canada; looks like they're coming home!