Saturday, February 24, 2007

Skool days

And speaking of Conservapedia (or the more appropriate "Wankerpedia™" bestowed by Canadian Cynic), yesterday I enrolled in the Eagle Forum University, the institute of higher christian learning that brought us the excellent online resource.

My curiousity about the school started when I set out to find proof that Conservapedia wasn't a parody; I was having trouble believing even conservatives could be that idiotic. Once I determined that, sadly, it was real, my next instinct was naturally to start an account, log in and do some editing. A day late and a dollar short; the Conservapedia admins had already found out that the site had been "ravaged by libtards". Account creation seems to be blocked. So I enrolled in EFU as a possible back door entry to Conservapedia.

The bar for entry to this "university" redefines the word "Low". I had to write an entry test of sorts (10 questions, multiple choice, ha), about the US Constitution. I blazed through it doing an eenie-meenie-minie-moe and scored 60%. Not good enough for EFU -- so the test page came up with all the correct answers shown, and allowed me to redo my choices in order to get 100%. Multiple choice is hard, Barbie! But it's not quite as hard when it says "CORRECT" beside all the right answers.

So I'm in! I still can't create a Conservapedia account, but at least I'll get to see exactly what kind of horsecrap they're teaching these kids about global warming when the course starts next month. If nothing else, it'll at least be good blog-fodder for slow news days.