Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why does Gwen Landolt hate women?

After reading last week that REALWomen's Gwen Landolt doesn't agree with equal pay for work of equal value by women (no big surprise there), I had a closer look at the transcript from the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. As idiotic as Landolt's "equal pay" comment was, it gets worse -- this statement practically jumped off the screen and slapped me:

"Ms. Gwendolyn Landolt: Well, first of all a lot of what LEAF has done, for example, the rape shield law, we don't agree with. I'm a lawyer and I have another reason for that. There are legal things, there has to be equality in the defence, a mechanism, number one. In fact, I actually worked on the actual legislation when that was drafted, along with a group of women lawyers, and I never agreed with that right from the beginning."

Whoa whoa whoa! Landolt doesn't agree with the Rape Shield Law? What the fuck kind of misogynist crap is that? The Rape Shield Law protects complainants in rape cases from having their sexual history used against them in court. Without the Rape Shield law, the rights of a woman who's been raped fluctuate in inverse proportion to the extent of her sex life. By saying she disagrees with the Rape Shield Law, Landolt is saying: bad girls can't be raped.

Having been a happy slut myself in my wayward youth, I can testify that bad girls can indeed be raped. It doesn't matter how many times a woman says yes; that one time she says no and sex is forced on her against her will, it's rape. Landolt obviously disagrees; why else would she favour allowing a woman's prior sex life to be part of her rapist's defense? This absolutely sends chills down my spine.

It brings to mind that 1988 movie, "The Accused", where the rape victim went through hell getting legal retribution because her supposed character flaws were used against her in court. It's frightening to think that almost 20 years later there are people like Landolt whose mission in life is to allow women to be likewise abused, and they're sidling like malevolent crabs into the corridors of Canadian power.