Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Threat Is Real

What better to keep me occupied on a rainy Sunday morning than a little conservative comedy gold? It's my version of the Sunday funnies.

From The Galloping Beaver, we find out that yet another socon whackjob is off his meds and on the loose, spreadin' the news about The Threat To The Very Existence Of Society As We Know It, also known as gay marriage. Tristan Emmanuel, a crazed christian spincase of the highest order, is sounding the alarm down south that the greatest threat to America isn't Iran or North Korea, but Canada!

Who is Tristan Emmanuel? (And why does he hate Canada?) Emmanuel is an ex-minister who's been lurking around the political scene for a few years. He's been a candidate for the Family Coalition Party and the Christian Heritage Party (neither of which stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting a seat in government, thank christ), an outspoken opponent of all things gay and/or muslim, and organizer of a "Canadians For Bush" (retch!) rally in support of the Iraq War. In short, the very definition of "wingnut". In his new book called (drumroll) "Warned: Canada's Revolution Against Faith Family & Freedom Threatens America" Emmanuel advises America that Canada, and in particular the Gaying of Canada, is a huge threat to their society:

"Americans," he says, "need to know why the gay-marriage agenda in Canada will impact and threaten their culture, and Americans need to know what to do about it."

Again with the "Gay Agenda". (Does it ever end-a?) It's funny that bugshit-crazy religious nutcases like Emmanuel are so goddamn sure there's a huge, massive, complex gay conspiracy going on. Because if I had to hazard a guess, I'd bet the "Gay Agenda" is something as simple as "LEAVE US ALONE".