Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupid, squared

Sometimes perusing the Blog Exchange I'll see a heading so painfully, off-the-wall stupid that it jumps off the page and stabs me right between the eyes: instant wingnuttery-induced headache.

So-con blogger "Bold Truth" has a habit of posting poorly-sourced debunked theories as truth because they happen to coincide with his ideology. I responded to his posting of outright bullshit about the completely outdated and debunked theory that abortion causes breast cancer (backed up by a 13-year old study, ha). My response, with a link to a 2005 study refuting his claim, naturally didn't see the light of day. This is the mentality of these nitwits: don't let the truth get in the way of ideological spin and self-righteous fear-mongering.

Today he urges us not to donate to the Heart & Stroke Foundation because it funds "unethical research". Translated from so-con wankuage "unethical" means "embryonic stem cell". BT claims that in addition to embryonic stem cell research, the Heart & Stroke Foundation "funds research on body parts of aborted babies". Please. The "body parts" are little bloody snotrockets scraped out of someone's ute, pretty much the same stuff that falls out of every woman once a month. He also goes on to state (without a source) that embryonic stem-cell research hasn't produced a single breakthrough for treatment on humans yet. (In fact this is BULLSHIT, there have been several.) It also doesn't occur to him that if cures are slow in coming, it might be because he and his imbecilic ilk keep putting up obstacles to the research.

The difference between embryonic and adult stem cells is that embryonic cells are vastly more versatile, and with sufficient research, they could potentially yield cures for a lot more diseases. But as long as assclowns like BT keep getting in the way of science, we might as well get comfortable with alzheimer's, cancer and heart disease; they'll be around for awhile. Because it's so much more christian to toss stuff into a biohazard bin than use it to save lives.