Thursday, February 08, 2007

Watch it, Hillary

Wingnut Warrior Jerry Falwell and his Christian Soldiers are gunning for ya!

Falwell (who once famously said that gays, feminists and abortionists were responsible for 9/11 -- yeah, this guy isn't nuts, sure), is gearing up for an armageddonesque battle against Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Falwell is on a Mission to put another "like-minded" (read: "ignorant, backward") republican in the white house in 2008, and get one more ultraconservative wingnut judge appointed to the supreme court: goodbye, Roe v. Wade, goodbye gay marriage (we hardly knew ya):

"With abortion still legal, prayer banned in public schools and pornography rife, he sees a long struggle ahead. For now, he is focusing on voter registration drives and rallying the faithful with his eyes on the twin prizes of the 2008 presidential election and control of the Supreme Court."

Falwell obviously relishes the battle ahead, if only because it promises to rally the wingnut faithful who've drifted away from the imploding republicans over the last few years. Like most right-wankers, Falwell has watched aghast as the republican party fell apart, fractured by every kind of scandal from illegal wars based on cooked intelligence to fellow evangelists bursting out of the closet with a vengeance. It must have been getting to the point where he was afraid to turn on the news for fear of another scandal, another closet door flung open. But a few months ago Falwell said he looked forward to a Hillary Clinton presidential run, as it would mobilize conservatives better than the devil himself. JF said of Hil:

"She would most certainly be a formidable opponent. She is a bright lady and she has the No. 1 campaign manager in the world (former President Bill Clinton). If she can keep his attention focused, he can do her a lot of good," he said.

Unfortunately, most of the Falwell talibangelists believe that jeebus is returning sometime this year, so they may not be too concerned about what happens next year. I guess Falwell can always recruit Pastor Ted; he's cured, he's looking, and he'll definitely be left behind with all us sinners, whether he wants to admit it or not.