Saturday, March 17, 2007


In the beginning, there was "Think Different". Now there's "look different".

This article from Cognitive Daily in Science Blogs explains how artists really do see things differently than other people; because they look at things differently. The diagram compares the eye motions of a trained artist and a trained psychologist as they look at the same picture. Which is which? See below:

"So why do artists look at pictures -- especially non-abstract pictures -- differently from non-artists? Vogt and Magnussen argue that it comes down to training: artists have learned to identify the real details of a picture, not just the ones that are immediately most salient to the perceptual system, which is naturally disposed to focusing on objects and faces. With this in mind, there's little doubt which pictures above show the artist's eye movements -- they are the ones to the right, which sweep across the whole picture, not just the human face and figure."

(via andrew sullivan)