Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chickenshit brown, it's the new (tory) blue

Scrolling through the Blog Exchange the other day, I noticed this title in the Quebec Politics section: "Boisclair is not very brigh". Say what? "Brigh?"

Spelling Nazi that I am, I immediately went to the blog in question, home of the ultraconservative Blogging Wingnut Dr. Roy (the screen shot shows the spelling mistake in all its glory). I posted this comment: "Just some friendly advice. If you're going to say someone is 'not very bright', you might want to learn how to spell 'bright'. Hope this helps."

Later I noticed the error was corrected. Oh goody! But what thanks did I get? My helpful comment was deleted! Geez, if someone corrected my spelling, I'd post a reply like "Thanks, fixed" and maybe some remark about my approaching senility. But from this guy, diddly: no "thanks", "good catch", or "kiss my ass", even though I probably saved him from the fate of being CC snark-fodder (yet again).

But then, conservatives are compulsive in their refusal to admit mistakes, whether spelling or mismanagement of a war. Perhaps they fear the domino effect?