Friday, March 16, 2007

Satan's doing triple-axles on the ice rinks of hell...

I agreed with Sean Hannity on something. Huh?? What?!

Last Friday, Hannity & Colmes had a discussion with Father Tom Euteneuer about a column Father Tom had written suggesting that Hannity is a bad catholic because he accepts birth control. (This isn't abortion we're talking here, it's contraception: the pill, condoms, IUDs etc.) Father Tom, being infallible like most of these pompous arrogant opus dei-catholic jerks, is opposed to all forms of birth control except (heh) "self-control". Here's part of the interview:

Hannity got so wound up there I thought he might piss himself, but (and I do hate to say this) he was right. The catholic church is an outdated, oppressive patriarchy that's so inhumane to its own followers (especially women) that it's no wonder it's in trouble. Who wants their private lives dictated by these nosy bastards? Any couple whose sex life is no more than a procreation ritual, subject to timing imposed by their church for christ's sake, can't be enjoying it to the fullest. So much for spontaniety when you have to time and plan out every event, and you're limited to pretty much one week a month. Don't these people ever find themselves on a nice private beach (or woods or the back pew of the church) and suddenly think "Let's roll"?

That's what's so dangerous about the anti-abortion fuckwits; they won't stop at abortion. And just imagine having to go to the barricades for the right to choose contraception.