Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Coulter cuntitude

Whenever it seems like she's gotten too bizarre, too odious, too disgustingly, despicably vile to get the attention of anyone other than the most idiotic elements of wingnuttery, the Ann Coulter rolling freakshow snorts a few rails, slaps a pound of pollyfilla on its face, lurches out the door and hits the road again. It's showtime!

The latest Coulterism was shat forth yesterday when she appeared as a guest speaker at the "Conservative Political Action Conference", one of the biggest republican pep rallies of the year, attended by all the GOP's 2008 presidential candidates and Dick Cheney. Not even 10 seconds into her "speech" the spittle was flying; she even called democratic candidate John Edwards a "faggot" -- to a few "oooh's" then cheers from the assembled crowd. It was a telling moment, revealing the depths to which american conservatism has sunk. Schoolyard insults, nyeah nyeah, yer a fag, nyeah nyeah.

It's not surprising to hear this kind of shit out of Coulter; she's already called Al Gore a total fag, said Bill Clinton was a latent homosexual, and Hillary Clinton was a lesbian. In my world those aren't bad things, but Coulter panders to the ugliest elements of conservatism where they're still considered insults. Nothing she squeezes out of that anal sphincter she calls a mouth would surprise me. What's astonishing is that with their electoral fortunes failing the GOP would even consider having someone so wretched as a speaker; they had to know she'd say something breathtakingly ignorant that would get a lot of press, she always does. Last year it was calling arabs "ragheads" and advocating the murder of supreme court justices. If that's the face the GOP wants for their party, then they're no longer even making a pretense of including moderate conservatives. If they keep this up, they're paving the way for a huge democratic victory in 2008, while they increasingly become the party of bigots and the batshit insane.