Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Brits are home

After ditching the Ahmadinejad-style leisure suits they were sporting yesterday in favour of military fatigues, the british sailors/marines who've been held in Iran for the last 2 weeks are home at last. They celebrated with champagne on the British Airways flight home:

"The crew broke open champagne and changed into fresh uniforms on the flight home. After landing at Heathrow airport, they smiled and stood at attention before being whisked by helicopter to the Royal Marines base at Chivenor, southwest of London.

They are expected to be debriefed on their 13-day ordeal and reunited with family members at the Chivenor base, which is 210 miles southwest of London."

Tony Blair is adamant that no deals were made with Iran to secure their freedom. I guess that means it really was just an easter prezzy from Ahmadinejad, like the leisure suits.