Thursday, April 05, 2007

Students protest Rove

Oh, yeah! Young people are so awesome!

White house sleazemeister Karl Rove was heckled by students as he left American University in Washington DC after giving a speech on Tuesday. Yahoo! This is how it's done:

"Heckling protesters briefly delayed the car carrying top White House aide Karl Rove last night as he left the American University campus, where he had just given a speech. No arrests or injuries were reported after Rove's invitation-only talk. About 20 students lay in front of the car as it prepared to leave, a witness said..."

"Kim Bruce, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, said that after Rove spoke, 'several individuals who had gathered outside the speech area threw unknown objects at the vehicle.'"

Sure it was just a small crowd, but they were there and they were making their statement. That asshole Rove gives speeches by "invitation only" -- god forbid a dissenting view should be heard -- so there's no other choice but to get him as he tries to weasel away, and pelt his car with rocks, bottles and dogshit.

Good on 'em. Hopefully the next angry crowd will be 20,000, not 20.