Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Georgie speaks

It's a big day for Preznit Fuckup McAwol, defacer of the Purple Heart medal for injuries received in combat... (combat? Georgie? Hahahaha). Or should I say "purple heart", no caps, since allowing Georgie to get his greasy paws on the medal took away any value it once had.

Today Georgie faces off against the Democrats (and over 70% of the people who pay him) over a congressional bill which would set time lines for getting the troops out of Iraq, starting October 1 and with an end date of March 31, 2008. Georgie had his sad and concerned face on for an abbreviated press briefing this morning. He dug deep into the bullshit bucket and shoveled out another steaming load about "the lessons of 9/11, enemies who want to harm America and its' friends" and how, if the US leaves Iraq, it might just have to go back to Iraq! Huh? Get that? I didn't.

For the millionth time (probably just in the last week) the Boy King made it exceedingly, painfully clear that he doesn't give a flying fart what the Democrats think, what the American people think, what the world thinks. He will veto any bill with time lines, he said. Because Georgie knows best. Better than the generals, better than even his neocon buddies who admit Iraq is fucked.

The war in Iraq is over... it's only a matter of how many more soldiers Georgie wants to die. Yesterday he wanted 9 to die. (And a couple hundred Iraqis, but they don't count... at this point, because of the civil war Georgie started, they'd probably be dead anyway.)