Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CP picks up the S-BV story, Cons in spin mode

W00t! This story's gone national, baby! Canadian Press has picked up the story of the outrageous assault on democracy being committed by the Conservatives in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding (among others) -- (here's CTV, and here's 1130 radio in Vancouver for example).

Vanity Press has the goods on the CP report and the Conservatives' reaction (and updates)! Nice day for a bike ride, but the Conservatives probably weren't expecting to be backpeddling! Hahahahahaha! Things should start happening pretty fast now. To keep up, blogs with ongoing updates on the 5 W's are:

Canadian Cynic with the what's what.

Dr. Dawg with the who's who.

The Galloping Beaver and POGGE with a few more W's

Birth Pangs discusses the Choice angle (in this case, voters have the right to choose).

(and last but not least)
A Creative Revolution at the center of the action.


(h/t Great Aunt Bertha)