Thursday, August 30, 2007

Republicans want to flush Craig

Senator Larry Craig, R (what else?)-Idaho, is getting flack for the public washroom incident that ended with him pleading guilty to disorderly conduct. Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Senators McCain and Coleman, all rethugs, are demanding that Craig resign:

"Republicans turned on one of their own on Wednesday, demanding that Senator Larry Craig resign over his recent arrest in a men's washroom.

Craig, a Republican from Idaho, was arrested June 8 when he allegedly made sexual advances to an undercover police officer who was in the stall next to his in a public washroom at the Minneapolis airport."

Craig, meanwhile, wants a do-over: he now claims he only pleaded guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct in a public washroom to make the whole thing go away. Why he'd think that copping a plea to such a charge would make the situation go away is anyone's guess -- as mundane as this kind of behaviour is becoming among Republicans, such stories still have enough currency that there's no way it wouldn't get out. To top it off, he did it without even consulting a lawyer! Even a bad lawyer, or for that matter, even someone whose legal pedigree consists of watching a few seasons of Law & Order, could have walked him on this charge. That is, if all that happened is what was described by Roll Call (who first obtained the arrest record). If not, well that's a different story. Whatever happened, Craig obviously thought he was beyond legal help. Hmmm?

Poor Senator (ex-Senator) Craig. Another self-loathing hypocrite who thinks he can hide in a "wife-and-kid fort". But if it isn't hiding him from other Republicans, it certainly can't hide him from Gay.