Monday, August 20, 2007

GOPers, pick this guy

The more I see of Fred Thompson, the Law & Order guy who may/may not be entering the Republican presidential race, the more I hope he wins the nomination. Indeed, many righties inexplicably consider him the GOP's great hope for 2008.

Fred had some controversy last month. Just as he was solidifying his "social conservative" cred by making asinine statements about late-term abortion being infanticide, it was revealed that Ol' Fred made at least $1million lobbying for a Pro-Choice organization in the 90's. Quick, the smelling salts! Oh, how the religious right clutched its pearls and swooned. A little tap dance ensued ("I saw the light!"), but the issue still hangs around him like a bad smell and he's been trying to scrub it off ever since. A couple of days ago, he announced that he would work to overturn Roe v. Wade, because it's "bad law and bad medicine".

Aw, Fred. Where to start!? First of all, Roe v. Wade is a constitutional protection of privacy law, and there's actually sweet fuck all President Fred could do about it. He's just pandering to the nitwits who won't/can't think any further than the words "overturn Roe v. Wade". Second: "bad law"? I love it when people make these obscure judgmental statements without providing any details. Why is RvW "bad law"? Because 20% of the population doesn't like it? That's not enough to make the cut as a "bad law". Thirdly, how is RvW "bad medicine"? And as Bonus Question 3(b), how the fuck would Thompson know anyway? He hasn't even played a doctor on TV.

Fred defends his lobbying with Georgie-esque little homespun homilies like "Don't confuse the lawyer with the client" and "Keep yer powder dry". Translation: "For sale to the highest bidder, right now that's Focus on the Family". I can just imagine the entertainment value of watching him debate any of the Democratic candidates on furrin policy. Fred's a winner, alright -- for the Dems! Go Fred Go!