Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus don't like stool pigeons

The weather calls for showers... it's raining religious hypocrisy! And this month's this week's today's little raindrop is the Good Reverend Wiley Drake, a California Baptist Minister who's not above using the Power of Prayer to lay a vengeful asskicking on those who thwart him.

Rev. Wiley supports wingnut GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (one of the three candidates who didn't put his hand up in response to the question "Who believes in Evolution?") and was urging his flock and followers to do the same. He urged them in church. He urged them on his radio show, which broadcasts from his church, and when writing an endorsement for the candidate, he used his church's letterhead. None of this sat well with the hellbound heathens at "Americans United for Separation of Church and State", who promptly ratted him out to the IRS, initiating an investigation of his church's tax-exempt status. Fire and fucking brimstone, baby! Rev. Wiley was not pleased, and he's called upon his flock to launch a prayer assault on Americans United:

"Specifically, Rev. Wiley Drake of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif., is asking his supporters to use "imprecatory prayer" to curse Americans United and its leaders.

The argument centers on whether Drake violated federal tax law by "electioneering" when he recently endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican Mike Huckabee. Americans United on Tuesday asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate.

Today, Drake told us by telephone that he has called for prayers aimed at smiting the AU and its leadership not because they oppose him personally, but because "they are attacking God's people.""

"Smiting"? "Imprecatory prayer"?? Sounds serious... quick! teh Google: "Imprecatory Prayer: To pray for evil or misfortune upon others. To ask God to curse someone." That's some serious Prayer Assault. You can bet the Coalition will be keeping an eye on how Americans United protects themselves against it.