Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still provocateuring after all these years

I'm not all that surprised to find that cops still do the "agent provocateur" thing at protests and other gatherings; what's truly astonishing is that after all these years they're still so bad at it.

The evidence coming out of the SPP protest in Montebello is becoming well-documented and damning. Three faux-protesters, probably cops, were trying to cause protest havoc so the riot squad could let slip the dogs of war... and make the whole "peaceful protest" thing look bad. The real protesters fortunately took issue with the rock one was carrying, then recognized the three for the sleazy undercover shit-disturbers they were. If you watch the video below, the faux protesters end up totally giving themselves away by moving ever closer (one of them with rock still in hand) to the lineup of riot cops and engaging them in some kind of discussion. Looking for tickets to the Policemens' Ball? Watch:

More likely they were saying something like "Shit! They made us! Arrest us and make it look good. But not too good -- don't hit us or anything." They were pushed to the ground (gently), "arrested" and led away moments later, but although there were other arrests made at the protest (2 men and 2 women), there's nothing to be found about the "arrests" of these three bozos.

I've seen 30-odd years of "undercover" cops trying to "infiltrate" protests, festivals, biker bashes and the like, and their learning curve has yet to even qualify for "curve" status. I find it hard to believe that with all those years of experience behind them, they haven't gotten any better at it than they were in 1970. You'd think by now they'd at least know that it's considered bad form to run crying to the uniformed cops when the going gets tough. D'oh!

(h/t & video: stage left)