Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jill Stanek doesn't like me

and I'm sad.

You may be wondering, as I was, "Who the fuck is Jill Stanek?" Ms. Stanek is apparently a writer at USian website World Net Daily ("wingnut news you can use!!!"). She also does speaking engagements, so I guess she's well-know in those circles. Here's how Pandagon opened a post about Ms. S:

"Oh lord, here we go again. This time it’s the bleatings of Jill Stanek, “one of the 30 most prominent pro-life leaders of the past 30 years,” according to World Magazine. She’s got a column up at WingNutDaily claiming that the Homosexual Agenda and “pro-abortion” forces are teaming up to destroy society."

"The homosexual agenda and pro-abortion forces" -- hmm, clearly I'm doing something right if I got into the bad books of someone who pukes up that kind of puerility.

My post yesterday about whether we should be talking to people doing anything as nutty as driving around in a fetusmobile© is what got the propeller on Jill's beanie spinning at redline, and, kind of proving my point, she was driven by forces she couldn't control to blog about it. I went to have a look at her little screed and was greeted by the Betty Crocker visage of someone I assume to be Jill grinning vacantly out at me. Helloooooo Xanax. I flipped her the bird (so immature), scrolled til I found the Post in Question and gave it the once-over. Just the usual bleating and moaning and, for a change of pace, an accusation of "adolescent vocabulary":

"I myself was taken aback when reading JJ was 52, because her vocabulary and logic were that of an adolescent."

Ouch! Hahahahaha, come on now. Even SUZANNE humps my leg better than that. Trust me, nobody is more taken aback than I am to discover that I'm 52. That insult of nature alone is ample reason for a sharp increase in the obscenity index. And adolescent vocabulary notwithstanding, I notice that Jill's taken a liking to my word, "fetusmobile©".