Thursday, August 16, 2007

New blogger gets warm wingnut welcome

The Trollswarm is a behaviour peculiar to the denizens of certain high-traffic right-wing blogs. Something offends the sensibilities of the blog owners, and faster than you can say "it's the free speech, stupid", pitchforks and torches are in hand and an army of screeching howler monkeys flies off to shock-and-awe the offending blogger in a spectacular display of verbal carpet-bombing. They dump and splatter on the enemy blog like a flock of seagulls on Metamucil™ and retreat back from whence they came.

Earlier this week, new blogger 900-foot Jesus somehow managed to attract the attention of the Angry Villagers of Gopher Gulch. I'm not sure what 900J did to inflame them, but they were on the attack, foaming hard and spitting out those deadly anonymous comments with the rapid-fire precision of an Uzi. And some of them, thinking they've tasted blood, keep coming back for more. Commands of "Down, rabid cur!" don't work on dogs whose brains are half-eaten away by hydrophobia and hate.

I've seen other bloggers feel the wrath of the screech monkeys, and although it's harmless, it's still off-putting. 900 has been blogging up a little storm since she started a couple of months ago and has some interesting things to say. So why not drop in and give her a vote of confidence.