Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wartcott mayoral campaign hits MSM

It's true -- anyone can run for political office.

When I first read about it, I thought it had to be a joke: the notorious Bill Wartcott, running for mayor of Edmonton? Of all the fetus-fetishing, homophobic, racist religious wingnuts that might come squirming out if one were to turn over the most maggoty, shit-encrusted, smeg-smeared rock in the septic field, Wartcott is surely one of the bugshit craziest. (He got the boot from Free Dominion -- d'oh! Kind of says it all.) Nope, you still can't make this shit up. Look out anal warts and prolapsed rectums of Edmonton, here comes Wartcott:

"An anti-gay activist who was fined $17,500 for distributing graphic pamphlets condemning homosexuality two years ago has thrown his hat into Edmonton's mayoral ring.

Bill Whatcott, the fourth candidate to announce he will run in the Oct. 15 vote for mayor, was fined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal in 2005 for distributing flyers that called homosexuals "filthy" and "perverted."

His anti-abortion and anti-gay protests in Edmonton -- including the 2,000 pamphlets he stuffed into mail boxes that called gay marriage "sodomite marriage" -- have also caught the attention of the Edmonton Police Service."

How old Bill supposes he might get elected is a mystery. He managed to alienate even his fellow batshit crazies by obsessive-compulsively posting gross, graphic (and probably photoshopped) images on FD. (Not surprisingly, he was at the centre of their recent CHRC complaint.) I wonder what his campaign signs will look like -- a blood-and-ketchup-drenched fetus with anal warts and a prolapsed rectum giving the thumbs up and saying "Vort for Wart!"?

UPDATE: Commenter "valiantmauz" says this story about BW is better than the one I cited above, and I have to agree. Thanks, VM.

(Image: BW marching alone before gay pride parade. That looks like the kind of sane and rational guy who'd make a good mayor, right?)