Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Craig re-thinks resignation, maybe

We haven't seen the last of bathroom-cruising Senator Larry Craig, who may be re-thinking his decision to resign. (Oh, goody goody goody.) It's been a busy summer for the Senator; let's review:

1. Craig busted for lewd conduct for trying to tip-tap his way into an illicit sexual encounter with, unfortunately, a vice cop;

2. Craig cops a plea for the lesser charge of disorderly conduct
3. Someone at Roll Call suspects that "disorderly conduct" in a public washroom might just be about something scandalous, and sure enough
4. "Wide Stance" Craig goes into excuse mode5. GOP senators demand his resignation
6. Craig resigns

And now... (drum roll please) 7. Craig re-thinking resignation... apparently he called the wrong number to confirm his resignation... although he addressed his message to "Billy" and the number belonged to Billy Martin, his lawyer.

The GOP spin machine must be near redline trying to deal with this. Post-Labour Day, the 2008 election campaign will now officially kick into high gear. The GOP knows all too well what can happen when there are sex scandals during the runup to an election -- Foley and Haggard probably lost them a lot of midterm votes from the "moral values" nitwits. The last thing they need is for this Craig situation to drag out any longer, so they must be apoplectic that Craig is having a re-think on his resignation.

Me, I want him to stick around. Then there'll be lots and lots more stuff like this:

(vid from HuffPo)