Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Parliament delayed is Parliament denied

Parliament was supposed to resume sitting in less than 2 weeks (September 17), and oh my my, there'll be some wild-and-woolly Question Periods once that happens. But not so fast! Yesterday Harper announced he'll delay the return of parliament by a month, to October 16:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper put the rumours to rest and announced Tuesday afternoon that he will delay the return of Parliament until Oct. 16 and begin a new session with a speech from the throne. Rumours have been swirling around Parliament Hill in recent weeks that Harper was considering proroguing Parliament. The House of Commons was scheduled to resume Sept. 17.

By delivering a speech from the throne, Harper could engineer the defeat of his own minority government because it requires a vote of confidence in the Commons."

A Christmas election campaign? Fine, an election campaign might be an even better time to talk about this and this. Oh yeah, and this, because quite frankly I have trouble believing it when a Bush-humping little sycophant like Harper says this. Especially when he's spending all kinds of our money like that. Election? Bring it!