Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Congratulations PP Aurora

The new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora Illinois, which has been under seige by anti-choicers grasping at every possible legal straw to keep it from opening, opened its doors today:
"After three months of tumult and protest, Planned Parenthood opened its reproductive health-care clinic this morning without incident on Aurora's east side. Speaking to a crowd of about 50 clinic workers and supporters, Steve Trombley, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, said the controversy over the center's opening was over." [...]
"The necessary permit was approved Monday after investigations by two independent attorneys and the Kane County state's attorney found no state laws or city ordinances were violated during the permit application process, said Mayor Tom Weisner. The city had no legal basis to deny the permit, he said."
Hmm, did I call it or did I call it? What would be most interesting to see is how much of the Taxpayers' Money (the same Taxpayers' Money that conservatives are forever bleating about) these bozos wasted in court time and lawyers' fees only to delay the opening of this clinic by 2 weeks. And how are the fetus fetishists reacting?
"As the opening of the clinic approached this morning, about 50 protesters had gathered on Oakhurst Drive, behind the building, in sight of a large pink banner reading, "This center is now open." The crowd was largely subdued, with some praying and reading from the Bible as about 15 police officers stood by. Some carried signs and one held up a poster of an aborted fetus."
Aborted fetus poster -- don't leave home without it.