Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Georgie slams "Hollywood values"

Obviously Saturday's Meeting of the (no-)Minds in Salt Lake City got Georgie's attention. During his tribute to the new chairman of the joint chiefs yesterday, Georgie made a desperate ploy to re-package the GOP as the "morals-and-values party", as he disparaged what he called "Hollywood Values":
"Many people are surprised when told about the admiral's show business roots. After all, he is humble, well-grounded and filled with common sense. Not exactly what one thinks about when they think of Hollywood values," said Bush."
Harrumph! Damn those Hollywood values! But it might prompt one to wonder: what does one think about when they think of "Hollywood values"? Clandestine and anonymous sexual encounters in public places? Illicit and adulterous trysts with sex trade workers? Meth-fueled gay sexcapades? Pedophilia??? Uh, "Hollywood values" might not be a road the GOP wants to go down at this point, they're probably well past their "best before" date on that one.