Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Firefox again?

What the? Maybe I better watch it... after numerous posts on religious right nuttiness over the last few days, the Flying Spaghetti Monster smote my mac a second time. All three browsers freezing and hanging, BSOD, kernel panic, mayday mayday.

I was unable to isolate the cause of the problem for sure, so after much diagnostic frustration I gave up and formatted the fucker last night. Auugghhh. Even with backups I still managed to lose some stuff. Anyway, not important. But this is: when I downloaded Firefox I immediately got the same problem again, freezing crashing etc. When I uninstalled FF, it seems to fix the problem, knock on wood.

It's the newest version, Anyone else getting this? Is it just FF on Mac? Or *gasp* is it my computer? (Although, the latter wouldn't be the end of the world, then I could justify launching an assault on the plastic with one of these.)