Saturday, November 10, 2007

The weasel has landed

Whackjob Coulter wannabe Rachel Marsden, cut loose from the Toronto Sun this week to spin wildly around the media-o-sphere like a rapidly-deflating hot-air balloon, came in for a landing exactly where many of us predicted she would: Canada Free Press, aka Canada Wingnut Daily. Good good, that's just the right spot for her writing (if by "writing", you mean vapidly hysterical tripe tossed at the page like monkey-feces). She may have contributed to CFP before now, who knows -- at least now it's "home".

Her CFP column today shrieks hysterically about losing the war on Teh Islamofascism, and cites her recent firing as proof that people just don't get it -- How To Do War. (Because RM is an expert military strategist, doncha know.) I must have missed the point when the Rules Of Engagement were revised to include the media doling out regular doses of the paranoid screeching of batshit-crazy howler monkeys... tsk. My bad!!!

The Not-So-Divine Ms. M then revisits her waterboarding fetish, comparing the torture technique to competitive swim training bobbing for apples at a kids' Hallowe'en party:
Last week, in my weekly Sun Media column, I argued that it’s really not that big of a deal to make terror suspects like 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed essentially do what any kid does at Halloween when he bobs for apples--except in the presence of the CIA, and with the prize in the terrorist’s case being lifesaving information.
Yes yes, and as we all know, it's been proven that torture is an effective way to get information. Bobbing for apples? Well, that's not what Malcolm Nance says, and he's ex-military and has personally supervised waterboarding training sessions. And it's certainly not what former assistant AG Daniel Levin says, and he's actually been waterboarded. It's not too hard to figure out who has more credibility.

But hey, it's Canada Free Press: who's reading? I mean, who's reading that's relevant to anything? CFP readers are about as relevant as CFP writers.

Update: If you haven't already, read Dave's take.