Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Witless in Washington (Part 3,782)

This is almost surreal:
"A top immigration official has apologized after awarding "most original costume" to a Homeland Security Department employee who dressed in prison stripes, dreadlocks and dark makeup for a Halloween gathering at the agency.

Julie Myers, assistant secretary overseeing Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, was part of a three-judge panel that lauded the costume, worn by a white employee, last Wednesday. She also posed for a photo with him."

So a guy shows up at a DHS Hallowe'en party in a racist costume, and not only is he not called out on it and immediately ejected from the party, his boss gives him a prize for "Most Original Costume", no less! And has no fucking clue that there might be something wrong, something just a little... off... with the whole scenario, until someone else at the party complains. Then it's "Oh... whoopsie!" Needless to say, the photo of Julie Meyers posing with the racist jerk in the "prize-winning" costume has gone down the memory hole and it's apologies all around.

Julie Myers, an immigration official (immigration?! official), is related to former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard B. Meyers, and she's also married to someone who used to work for DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. So the upshot of it all is that while the idiot in the costume has been placed on "adminstrative leave", Myers won't be getting any reprimand.

Little things like this are glimpses into the hotbed of incest and insanity that is the current administration, and their complete and utter detachment from reality. And how they only care when they get caught.

(via Think Progress)