Monday, November 05, 2007

Sheeeeeee's back!

After being escorted by building security from her Brief Stint at Fox News (fired for "bizarre behaviour"), right wing columnist and batshit insane whackjob Rachel Marsden is back, now writing for Toronto litterbox liner the Sun. It's almost inspiring how Marsden proves time and again that even an unhinged lunatic can get fired from job after job for doing all manner of crazy-ass shit and still someone somewhere will give her another kick at the career can. It seems like the right just can't get enough o' that funky batshit crazy stuff. At first. Then they slowly back away horrified when they see just what they've wrought.

For an idea of how chock full o'nuts Marsden is, here's what the Western Standard's Snotgun, I mean Shitgun, I mean Shotgun Blog had to say about her Brief Stint (all her jobs are Brief Stints) at the NatPo 2 years ago:
"After eight weeks, the, um, controversial and, er, well, let's say ambitious, Rachel Marsden has "severed her relationship with the National Post." And I'm sure that's exactly how it went down. She spurned the Post the same way she spurned Liam Donnelly's advances. And Michael Morgan's. And Neil Boyd's.

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that Marsden actually mysteriously stopped appearing in the national pages a few weeks ago (she remained in the Toronto section, which has different editors than the comment section). Then, on Friday came news of the resignation of publisher Les Pyette, who had long been rumoured to be the only guy at Don Mills headquarters who didn't think hiring Marsden was a really bad idea. Not to worry. If Marsden's track record is any indication, she'll be hosting her own national news show in no time."

Even the Western Standard, the nadir of conservative wingnuttery in Canada, thinks Marsden's bugfuck nuts. Res ipsa loquitor... that speaks for itself.

So now she's at the Sun, and oh, lookee here: she's written a column in defense of waterboarding, which she insists is just like competitive swim training. Huh?! This is typical grist for the Marsden mill -- with no real writing talent, she relies completely on controversy. Stupid controversy. Stupid, lowest-common-denominator controversy.

There was a time when I could just roll my eyes and laugh at such turditude, but you know what? This shit isn't funny anymore. Not when we have a government that clearly doesn't give a damn what 80% of Canadians think, that's made a unilateral decision to allow the outsourcing of capital punishment and put us on a slippery relativistic slope that ends in the Green Room. Because mouthpieces like Marsden tell us in soothing tones that torture is nothing more than a swim workout and capital punishment sends a good law and order message, Canadians are sleepwalking into authoritarianism. This abuse of media has to stop, and Marsden would be a good place to start. Write the Sun, write your MP, write the Sun's advertisers... make the bullshit stop.

A Creative Revolution has lots of linkies. So does Bastard.Logic. Go, write, scream, yell. This is where the bullshit stops.

(h/t canuck attitude)