Friday, December 14, 2007

Fetus Fetishists park Fetusmobile© at contractor's home

More fetus-fetishizing madness in Colorado, or as I like to call it "Kansas West". I posted a few weeks ago about the problems being visited upon a building contractor who's working on the expansion of a Planned Parenthood office in Denver. The forced birth whackjobs have been marching up and down his street and feverishly protesting in front of his house, gripped in the throes of a collective indigation/persecution/fetus fetishizing high. Crazed fetus fetishists with signs. On his street. I did not make this up.

It appears they've upped the ante now, mass-emailing the contractor's home phone number to every fetus fetishist in the known universe and encouraging them to give him a ringie-dingie. For the coup de grace, they've parked a fetusmobile© right in front of the guy's home:
"On Monday, the lunatic fringe sent his home telephone number out in a blast email and encouraged zealots to call his house.

The "Truth Truck," covered with huge pictures of bloody aborted fetuses, first showed up at his home two weeks ago. It parked in front of his house and across the street from the middle school bus stop.

The truck returned last week with a sign that said his business "takes blood money from an abortion mill." "Auschwitz" is how the sign on the truck referred to Weitz Company, the general contractor for the Planned Parenthood headquarters in northeast Denver." [...]

"But so far, everything happening to the businessman appears to be legal, including the publication of his personal phone number and the solicitation of harassing calls.

Restraining orders, which some targets of anti-abortion zealots have gotten, are issued only if there is "reasonable belief of imminent bodily injury," said Newman."

Once again, the fetus fetishists dance on the edge of illegality (and way over the Threshold of Disgust)... although I can't believe a sharp lawyer couldn't make a case for harassment or stalking. But who wants to go to the trouble and expense? So the contractor is hanging tough, his neighbours are more supportive than ever, and I guess this might end up being the fastest building addition in the history of construction. The pressure washers have yet to be deployed.

If it was happening in front of my house I can guarantee you that things would be taking a somewhat different path. I'd be adding allbran to the dog's food and loading up the paintball gun with the results. Shitstorm!