Friday, August 22, 2008

Chuck McVety: Feminist Icon

Shorter Chuckles McVety: "My complaint against Justice McLachlin is swirling in the bowl. Look! Over there! Shiny, sparkly, pornographic thing!"
"A faith-based conservative family group said it would like the Harper government to intervene to block a broadcasting licence issued to a new Canadian porn channel.

The Canada Family Action Coalition wants the Conservatives to quash last week's decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to grant a licence to adult film network Northern Peaks."

The licence granted to Alberta-based Real Productions requires the new channel broadcast 50 per cent Canadian content. That means Canadian young people will be enlisted to work on and in some cases appear in porn films, says Charles McVety, president of CFAC.

"It is to the public detriment to fuel an industry where women are degraded and treated as sex objects," he said." (emphasis mine)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Like taking away our reproductive rights and turning us into baby-making machines isn't treating us as objects? How is being treated as a forced-birthing object any better than being treated as a sex object?

And bonus: "Charles McVety"? Not "DOCTOR Charles McVety"? You're getting it, MSM. Next step: questions! questions! and more questions!

(H/T: PSA)