Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little balance... from the Globe & Mail!

From an editorial today titled "Smearing the Chief Justice": now this is more like it:
"Still upset over the appointment of Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada, a coalition of anti-abortion groups has filed a complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC), accusing Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of misconduct for her part in chairing the Order of Canada advisory council. It is a frivolous accusation and one that the Chief Justice should not have to answer at all, much less publicly.

Those who oppose abortion, or seek restrictions to protect the lives of fetuses, take the decision to honour Dr. Morgentaler as an affront. To disagree with his appointment is reasonable -- abortion remains a polarizing issue -- but complaints about the outcome should be made to the Governor-General, who awards the Order of Canada, not to the CJC.

To attack the process by which Dr. Morgentaler was appointed to the Order of Canada is also open to the Canadian Family Action Coalition. The group can do so by challenging the Constitution of the Order of Canada, which obliges the Chief Justice to act as the chair of the advisory council to the Order of Canada.

Accusing the Chief Justice of judicial misconduct, however, suggests these activists are merely looking for publicity." [...]

"If the Canadian Family Action Coalition is concerned about the constitutionality of the provision under the Constitution of the Order of Canada requiring the Chief Justice to chair the advisory council, the group should challenge the requirements of the law. This complaint to the CJC about the Chief Justice's alleged misconduct is a cheap shot, and unconvincing." (emphasis mine)

W00t! And that's without even knowing about the Astroturfing.