Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today's "42 Organizations" special: 50% off!!!

I had so much fun with the migraine-inducingly confusing United Families Canada that I couldn't resist checking out another name on the amazing shrinking List of 42™©®. Next target: "Live-In International". Can you believe I was unable to find out anything about this organization/business or whatever? (What? You can believe it?)

I realize that some of these "pro-life" and religious groups are teenie-weenie (heavy on the "weenie"). But it raises the question of how small is too small -- one person is too small to be a group, but it can still be on the list as one person, as long as it's verifiable that they exist. Even the tiny little one-person businesses on the list are at least searchable (which is how buckets found out some of them were astroturfing).

So should the elusive "Live-In International" be included in the list of organizations behind the complaint? Well, maybe -- if we could prove that it exists. But given what I've found (or not been able to find) so far, I think it's chopping
material. Using an organization that's unsearchable and unverifiable is almost like, well, making up names and adding them.

So Chop-chop, "Live-In International"! Unless Buckets or one of you guys reading can find out something about this thing, it's Bye-bye! And this 50% Off Astroturf Sale brings the original List of 42™©® down to 21. For now.
UPDATE: CC has more on another one of the "complainants", 4 My Canada... more astroturfing? And then there were 20?

UPDATE II: Or... maybe not. From PSA at CC.

UPDATE III: Correction! "Live-in International" is a real group after all, a small group by the sounds of it, but big enough to be considered a group. So says buckets here in the comments. D'oh! No Half-price sale today, we're back up to 22!